Reveal Festival Cancelled Message
Midnight 6th May; Whole our band was sitting on front of the computer screen waiting for the voting results to be finalised, and for the full festival lineup to be revealed.

What a great moment of joy when at 0.01am we discovered that we qualified, We Won! Yeah! We were selected as one of the top 10 bands to share stage on Reveal Festival.

Music is everything to us, so I hope that you can imagine how happy we were that night.

Now sad, and very disappointing part.

On next day we have received an email from Reveal Festival Team saying that 2018 Reveal festival was canceled due to low ticket sales.

What can we say ??? very disappointing.

Below is the email message that we received, you were the once that voted on us, so I thought you deserve to know the full story.
Reveal Festival Cancelled Message

Once again thank you all of you for your great support, we are very grateful, and we hope that you will support us again if there will be an opportunity.
And I am sure that there will be more then few, because live goes on, and we are not giving up.