Let me tell you a good story about the passion that we share, and about the good people that we are finding on our way.

Recently we had a pleasure to support (With our Music) one of the greatest charity organization in the world – WOSP.
It was amazing night, inspirational atmosphere of friendliness between people, good music, and magical decor of the Cafe En Seine Dublin.

“What else would you need?!”

It was perfect combination, so we really wanted to preserve that, save that, and share that with you. So during the concert our good friend was recording whole concert, on her personal camera.
Unfortunately, due to limited resources (not an ideal equipment for the job). Recordings had poor quality, and we decided that we won’t be able to publish them.

Then magic has happened!

On the same evening, unexpectedly, we have received an email from Michael – GoProduction , with incredible attachment. Ready made video clip from that concert.
It was great surprise, as we weren’t even aware that somebody is recording us – Thank you so much guys!

Video shows the very first song “Too blind to see” version played without sound check. Where event sound engineers were doing there best to setup instrument levels on the go, during the very busy schedule. (You know that we love you guys!).
Even with few sound imperfections, It is amazing to recall those great memories, and now, it is our pleasure to share it with you.


And once again!

Thank you all, for being with us, for that great surprise, and your support! – AMF